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The Lodge at Tanglwood Resort
and Tonylou Productions, a perfect match!

The Lodge at Tanglwood Resort has been known by many names over the years, depending on who you talk to.  Going way back, people tell us it was "The Motor Lodge at Tanglwood Resort. Others remember it when it was simply known as The Lodge. Still others remember it as Club Lago.

For whatever reason, it closed down and sat dormant up on the hill for over 22 years.  Recently, the owners decided it was closed way too long and wanted to bring the building back to life again.

Enter Tonylou Productions, an entertainment company that started out as a community theater company, The Lakeside Players, way back in 1999 and founded by Marylou Ambrose and Tony Schwartz. While keeping The Lakeside Players operating to this day, back around 2005, Lakeside expanded to Tonylou Productions, a local entertainment business providing all types of entertainment at various locations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and New York State.

While Tonylou Productions was performing everywhere else, The Lakeside Players continued to produce quality local theater in a rented church hall nearby for over 20 years.  Then Covid hit and everything shut down. Lakeside didn't perform at the church hall for over two years due to Covid, and when the time came to start up again, we found out the church rented the hall to a dance school and Lakeside lost its performance space after two decades and dozens of shows.

Timing is everything. Or as the old saying goes, "when one door closes, another one opens. Either way, enter Virginia Weniger. Among her many titles is General Manager of Tanglwood Resort. She had been a fan of Tonylou Productions and The Lakeside Players for quite some time and heard what happened with the church.  She approached Tony & Roxan Schwartz, (Roxan is Tony's wife and partner) and said, "why not move your operation up to The Lodge and together we can get it up and running again

as an event center."    Perfect!

And so began a lot of cleaning, knocking out some walls, building a stage, replacing carpeting, a new roof, a new heating system, replacing windows and a whole lot of painting and redecorating.   In November of 2022 we were shooting for our first event to be in the early spring of 2023. And then we came up with the crazy idea to make our first event a New Years Eve Bash.  Insane....   That gave us less than two months to get everything ready enough to open up again to the public with only some nights and weekends to work on it all.  Can we get it ready in time?  Is there enough time to advertise?

After all these years will anyone show up?  Are we crazy?  (That last one depends on who you ask.)

Well... after 22 years, we sold out our first event, our New Years Eve Bash, at 91 guests and turned away about 40 more! We now know with the dance floor open we can do approximately 100 people and with tables on the dance floor for dinner theater and murder mystery nights we can do 140 people.

And so, "The Sleeping Giant" up on the hill, The Lodge at Tanglwood Resort, is alive and well again. 

And we hope to see you at one of our next events!

Tony & Roxan

Our Team


Tony                    Roxan                 Virginia


Some Pics from our NYE Bash


Roxan ringing in the New Year with the ship's bell.  She rang it so hard she ripped the clapper right out of the bell!

What They're Saying

Everything I expected, and more!

Anny Shaw

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